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FMTouch is no longer available for purchase through the iTunes App Store

FileMaker iPhone - FileMaker iPad

FMTouch enables you to deploy FileMaker locally on your iPhone or iPod Touch and sync via WiFi, locally on your desktop or via FileMaker Server.
FMTouch Windows and Mac Software

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    What does FMTouch have to offer?

  • The ability to run multiple related FileMaker databases on your iPhone / iPod Touch
  • Sync with FileMaker locally via WiFi or with FileMaker Server Advanced (Windows)
  • Take your FileMaker database with you securly everywhere you go. FMTouch secures and encrypts your database with 128 bit encryption.
  • Instantly create .csv reports and PDF reports of found record sets
  • FMTouch enables you to capture signatures, record audio and insert images into container fields
  • FMTouch enables you to run scripts, perform calculations, edit, delete, create and find records
  • Display portals, images, layout objects, container fields, value lists and more


    FMTouch Resources, User Guide and Style Guide
The FMTouch User's Guide is a great resource that covers all aspects of using FMTouch with FileMaker. Explore the power of FMTouch and learn how to bring your FileMaker database to the iPhone / iPod Touch. The Style Guide written by Andy Gaunt is your guide to creating FileMaker layouts that look great on the iPhone. The Style Guide enables you to create solutions that provide the ultimate user experience.
    FMTouch Announcements and Help Tools
filemaker iphone tools Tools and updates for FMTouch

Sync Wizard. We have created an easy online wizard to help with syncing. Online Wizard. 99% of sync problems on the Mac are due to Firewall issues.


If you have problems sycning with iPhone 3.0 this issue is well documented and is a bug in the Apple iPhone OS 3.0 upgrade. When you upgrade an iPhone to 3.0 (or sometimes even to just 3.0.1) and choose to "Restore from Backup" the wifi becomes unstable. One workaround at this time (apart from completely reinstalling iPhone OS on the phone) is to put it into airplane mode during syncing - that will keep the wifi connection stable enough to sync. There are other apps that are affected by the issue, such as Skype, since it also requires a non-interrupted connection to work.

filemaker mobile Ticket Based System Support System

FMWebschool is devoted to quickly and efficiently dealing with all bugs reported. If you have any support issues, find bugs or have a feature request please Submit a ticket | FMTouch User Forums

There are also a lot of questions about new features. You will be happy to know that over the next 6 weeks you will see numerous FREE updates on the Apple Store. These will include many new and exciting features. Check out the Documents section to see the latest and greatest!

Calculation and Scripting Guide | Online FMTouch Wiki
  Many developers are creating complex applications and have requested a guide for scripting and calculations. Here it is! FMTouch Calculation Guide. You can also see all Calculations and Scripts supported on the FMTouch Wiki.
filemaker iphone questions Have A Question about FMTouch? Check out the FAQ Section
FAQ Section


FREE FileMaker 11 iPhone Contacts database and website! Check it out!

User's Guide for FMTouch