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FMTouch FAQ (Updated 3/15/2010)

Will FMTouch support the Apple iPad?
Yes, we have already tested and written the new code for FMTouch and the Apple iPad.
Will FMTouch work with FileMaker 11?
Yes, FMTouch works with FileMaker 11. There was an update to a new plug-in for FMTouch FileMaker 11 support. If you are using FileMaker 11, please make sure you download the new plug-in.
Will FMTouch work on both the iPhone and the iPod iTouch?
Yes, FMTouch works with both the iPhone and the iPod iTouch.
Do I have to be connected to the internet?
No, you do not have to be connected to the internet. FMTouch runs locally on your mobile device as a local application. You can sync FMTouch while you have FileMaker running with the sync plug-in - sync once an hour, once a day on your own schedule. Watch our new movies to see how to create your own Network for both Mac and PC
Will Runtime solutions run on FMTouch?
Yes, runtime solutions work on FMTouch.
What versions of FileMaker are supported?
FMTouch works with FileMaker version 8-11 and beyond. We will not be releasing versions for FileMaker 7 and below.
Do I have to design special layouts or databases?
You should make database layouts that would render effectively on the iPhone. Many developers are simply adding iPhone specific layouts. Smaller databases are also faster and take less time to load. Check out the Style Guide in the documents section of this website.
Is FMTouch Relational?
Yes, and you will find that the ability to use and edit portals is great bonus! You have the ability to have many related tables and many related databases all talking to one another.
Can I have multiple layouts?
Yes, you can have multiple layouts, and you can easily deselect the layouts that you don't want to display. Watch the "How To" movie to learn how to deselect layouts.
Can I do scripting and calculations?
Scripting and Calculations are suppored.. For more details please be sure to read the new updated scripting and calculations wiki. There is also a scripting and calculations guide.
Are repeating fields supported?
Yes, repeating fields are now supported as are merge fields. As of version 1.23. Note: Repeating fields require FileMaker 9+.
Will updates be free?
Updates will be free. If you have ever purchased any of our other products such as FMStudio or Dolphin Cart you will know that we vigorously support our products. FMStudio which was released 1.5 years ago has been updated 18 times. Each update free of charge. There may be a charge for major software revisions such as an upgrade from version 1.0 to version 2.0.
Will FMTouch work for both Windows and Macintosh?
Yes, FMTouch works equally well with both Macintosh and Windows OS
What versions of FileMaker does FMTouch support?
Initially you will need FileMaker Advanced to create your DDR. Once this is generated, FMTouch can be used with FileMaker Pro 8-11. If you do not have FileMaker Advanced we now have a free DDR Generation service.

Note: 8.5 is needed for webviewer support.
Why do I need FileMaker Advanced?
FileMaker Advanced enables you to generate your database DDR. This information is needed to help FMTouch create your database. Once the DDR is created you can use regular FileMaker Pro 8-10. If you don't have FileMaker Advanced please use our free DDR service. DDR Generation service.
Will enterprise or developer licenses be available?
Yes, enterprise licensing is available. To learn more about enterprise licensing check out the new FMTouch Enterprise | Automated App generating solutions.
What can we expect as new features etc?
We are currently working on several new exciting features. To see a full list of new features check out Features.
It tells me my DDR is too big, what do I do?

Currently FMTouch requires your DDR files to be under 10MB when sending them to the iPhone. Anything over 15-20 MB will likely cause the iPhone to run out of memory and the application would be shut down.

The easiest solution to work with this constraint is to clone your database, remove the layouts you will not be using, and generate a DDR out of it - then once initialized syncing back to the main database will work just fine.

Also as a side note: the number of records and container fields in the database does not affect the DDR size, 90% of the DDR size is determined by the number of layouts and graphical objects on those layouts. Therefore just remove the layouts you won't be using and the DDR will rapidly shrink. If you do want more minimization - delete all the scripts from the cloned file and perhaps a few unneeded tables. Scripts are not currently used by FMTouch for any operations.

How do I Zip a file on the Mac?
Here is a simple tutorial
Where do I get the iPhone 3.1 software update?
The Apple Software update page is located here
Can my database be more than 10mb's
Yes the size of your database does not really matter. Generally it is the size of the DDR. The smaller the DDR the better. Remember you are working on an iPhone with limited real estate.
I am having problems syncing with my Mac

If you are having problems syncing 99% of the time it is because of a few things.

1. You have a firewall set up - and the correct port is not open
2. You are trying to sync through the USB cable
3. You do not have the plug-in correctly installed

Please use this online wizard to make sure your computer is properly set up.

I am having problems syncing with my PC
If you are having problems syncing 99% of the time it is because of a few things.

1. You have a firewall set up - and the correct port is not open
2. You are trying to sync through the USB cable
3. You do not have the plug-in correctly installed

Please use this online wizard to make sure your computer is properly set up.
Do you have an online Forum?
Yes we certainly do! You can join the forum here -
I'm getting a new iPhone how do I copy FMTouch to the new phone?
"If you need to move FMTouch to a different iPhone, you just purchase it again with the same iTunes account and you will not be charged by Apple for it."
Follow the FMTouch developers are twitter
You can now follow the lead developers Michael Petrov and Stephen Knight on Twitter.

Follow Michael Petrov
Follow Stephen Knight
Are container fields supported?
Yes, beginning with version 1.30 we added container field support. There is a great movie demonstrating all of the new container field functionality on the movies page.
Can I sync to FileMaker Server on Windows and MaC?
Yes, check out the users guide server section you can sync to both Mac and PC Server with FileMaker Server 9, 10 and 11
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